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They say a picture tells a thousand words. Control those words and their impact on your audience with video.

Why video?

Video is where your consumers spend their time. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and it is easy to see why. Majority of consumers say that they would prefer to watch a video to learn about a product or service and would go even further than that to share it with their friends if they found the content helpful and entertaining.

Video content is already helping your competitors. Senior marketing executives now use video content in their marketing programs because they see such a great ROI.

Most businesses have already started using video content marketing because they know that leaving a lasting imprint on their consumer’s opinion gives them the added edge over those who are not making their brand more memorable and convincing through the use of video production.

Video content has the potential to convey a message that can be captured by an engaged audience much more effectively than images or text. A simple two to three second video can change and/or reinforce a consumer’s perception about your brand, the same cannot be said for other marketing tools such as text.

Video is easily measurable. Video does a great job of telling how successful your campaigns are, what is working and what is not. Giving you more opportunity to showcase these analytics to your boss or colleagues to make strong informed decisions on future campaigns, or having your neighbouring competitors looking over their fences checking out your success.

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