Three ways of getting better GoPro footage

So with GoPro cameras, they’ve got a wide angle lens on them. So what you want to do is get in nice and close to whatever you’re filming if you’re a bit too far away. Everything that is kind of medium or long distance away from you from the camera will seem really small really far away because that lens is a wide lens so you need to get in nice and close. Don’t be afraid to get in right into the action.

The next step is a little bit techie but what you need to do is if you can get into the settings and change it to a high frame rate. So what that means is usually cameras shoot at about 25 frames per second. What you want to do is increase that frame rate to let’s say fifty frames per second or 60 frames per second so you can just get to the settings and change that frame rate to something a bit faster than 25 frames per second.
The reason for that is if you’re walking around with your GoPro and it’s it might be a little bit shaky the footage might be a bit shaky putting it in a higher frame rate means that if you’re giving the footage to someone to edit or if your editing yourself what you can do then is slow down the footage. And in slowing down the footage it will look it will appear to be a lot smoother kind of adds a nice look to the video, when you overlaying that on top of let’s say a voice over or a talking head.

And the last tip is to use a grip or a gimbal for your GoPro so yes you can hand hold your GoPro but you can introduce quite a lot of shake just by hand holding it. If you’re using a grip and there’s a lot of manufacturers these days that are producing what are called gimbals and what they are, these devices where you can actually mount your GoPro to this mechanical handle. So what that means is if you’re walking around with this gimbal you’re GoPro footage is going to be really smooth, it’s going to look professional and its going to be a lot easier to watch as well.

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