017 Social Media Ads for Businesses (Zoe Langenberg)

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Social Media Ads for Businesses

What resources that comes useful when marketing on social media?

That’s the most common question being asked by business owners or start up companies when building up their marketing strategy. Social media has grown rapidly over the past few years, now that businesses use social media as a platform to promote their stuff and get more traction.

Listen in to this episode as Glenn and Zoe talks about using Social media ads for business.

Here are some key points you might want to check out:

Learn more about B2B marketing for social media ( LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) (0:29)
Organic posts versus paid/boosted posts (on social media) (1:53)
Build your social media marketing strategy (4:24)
Zoe explains how Boosted facebook posts work (10:30)
Boosted posts versus Ads (12:37)
Ads create leads (16:26)
Promoting blog posts from your website through social media platforms (22:24)
Quick tips for social media strategy (29:31)

Download this episode and get your social media strategy rockin’!

To know more about Zoe Langenberg, you can check her social media platforms and website as well!

Website: Be Social Media
Facebook Page: Be Social Media – Zoe Langenberg
LinkedIn: Zoe Langenberg
Instagram: @zoelangenberg
Podcast: The Small Biz Marketing Podcast

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