015 Using Social Media for B2B (Zoe Langenberg)

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Using Social Media for B2B
Guest: Zoe Langenberg
Synopsis: This podcast is the first part of an interview with Zoe Langenberg from BeSocialMedia, a social media management agency. This talks about how B2B companies can benefit from social media marketing platforms, helping them double it’s marketing exposure and widening their target market reach.

  1. Social Media can be helpful in strategy managemen
  2. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn has the biggest following and will likely be in the next few years.
  3. Business owners and decision makers are ALWAYS online, more than 75% of the average users
  4. Email marketing and social media ads targets audience with “similar interests” will give you a chance to market
  5. your business to other users that you have not reached before.
  6. Continuously building an email list will be helpful for future use.
  7. A single email can provide 2-5% online visibility, so imagine what an email list can do for your business.
  8. Familiarization is key with businesses running target ads hence, tapping their following in return.
  9. Segmenting is breaking up groups of people based on their interests.
  10. Organic or “day-to-day” posting needs to be done
  11. Facebook’s business page gets a lot of following from businesses groups
  12. LinkedIn is more focus in individual users advertising
  13. A simple company profile that’s liked and shared by employees, employee’s friends, relatives, etc. is already a powerful tool to strengthen its online presence.

You can find out more about Zoe over at https://www.zoelangenberg.com.au/about

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